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Castelli Cool Weather conditions guide

If like us, you're heading out riding in the early hours of the morning, you’ll have noticed that it is getting a little chilly! Shorts and a jersey are not cutting it anymore and it’s time to kit up for the cooler months ahead.

We’ve teamed up with Italian cycling kit maestros, Castelli to bring you this definitive guide to their 2017 Fall accessories range and what you’ll need for the ever-changing conditions.


Difesa Cap

Difesa 2 Cap:

This is your new cold and windy-weather had, with the added versatility of a flip up/down peak and ear covers. The top of the cap is constructed from Gore’s Windstopper fabric for optimal protection from the elements while the Thermoflex earflap is breathable and warm. The peak acts to keep rain and wind out of your eyes if conditions really take a turn for the worse.

Temperature range: 30 - 50°F

Arrivo 2 Skull capArrivo 2 Thermo Skull Cap:

Constructed from Castelli’s Thermoflex fabric, this skull cap is warm, soft, and stretchy, making it a great choice for those cooler fall, winter, and spring riders. Constructed with flatlock stitching and raw-cut edges, this cap will not bunch up or form pressure-points under your helmet.

Temperature range: 32 - 52°F

Head thingyArrivo 2 Thermo Head Thingy:

Arguably the most versatile piece of kit in any rider’s wardrobe, the Head Thingy can be used as a neckwarmer, bandana, cap, or even all three at the same time. Constructed from Thermoflex fleece fabric, the Arrivo 2 provides breathable insulation in a wide range of conditions. Starting your ride in a cold wind? Pull the Head Thingy up over your cheeks and nose and then when it warms up, pull it down to just a scarf. Adaptability is the name of the game!

Temperature Range: 32 - 52°F



Perfetto Vest:

One of the most popular items of clothing in the pro peloton, the Perfetto Vest offers lightweight wind protection, insulation, and breathability. The front of the vest is constructed from Gore Windstopper X-Lite Plus fabric. This maintains wind protection and insulation when the cold breeze cuts through your normal riding gear.

On the back of the vest, Nano Flex fabric protects you from wheel spray while also providing an avenue for excess heat and moisture to escape. If there is one piece of kit that you’ll want with you on every ride just in case, it will be the Perfetto Vest.

Temperature range: 50 - 71°F

Perfetto Vest

Flanders Long Sleeve Base Layer:

When winter hits, layering up becomes of optimal importance. Adding or taking off thinner, more breathable layers is far easier than heading out with a thick winter jacket on, heating up and then having nowhere to store such a weighty garment. At the base of all of your clothing when the chill really starts to hit is the Flanders Long Sleeve Base Layer.

Constructed from SottoZero Fleece with mesh armpit inserts, the Flanders provides warmth and breathability right down to a freezing 23°F. The form-fitting stretch fit sits comfortably under long sleeve jersey and jackets, making it your new best friend December through February.

Temperature range: 23 - 46°F

Castelli Baselayers

Prosecco Long Sleeve Base Layer:

Very luckily for us here in the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area it rarely gets bone-shudderingly cold. Therefore a base layer that covers a broad range of weather and temperatures is perfect for the fall and winter months.

The Prosecco is just this with a recommended temperature range of 35 to 65°F. The micro fabric offers warmth in the cold while also offering superior moisture management for cooler conditions. When all's said and done, this will probably be the base layer you spend most of the fall and winter riding in.

Temperature range: 35 - 65°F



Scalda Glove:

This medium-insulation glove is perfect for the cooler conditions that fall and winter brings in Folsom. Constructed from Castelli’s versatile ultra-fleece fabric, the Scalda gloves offer water and wind resistance as well as a light enough weight that you’re not going to have trouble holding the bars or your phone. In fact, these gloves feature touchscreen inserts on the fingers that make operating your phone or bike computer easy.

Temperature range: 42 - 62°F


Lightness Glove:

With a warm and stretchy Thermoflex backing and a grippy and durable palm, the Lightness Gloves are perfect for cooler early fall and spring rides. The lightweight nature of these gloves mean they are well suited for wearing on early morning rides, then throwing in your jersey pocket when the full warmth of the sun makes itself felt in the late morning.

Temperature range: 50 - 64°F

Lightness Gloves

Diluvio Glove:

A personal favorite, the Diluvio is perfect for wet and cold conditions. The glove offers insulation down to a brisk 40°F and it’s 3mm thick neoprene construction means when the rain comes, your hands will still stay nice and warm. The extended neoprene cuffs sit comfortably inside your jacket or jersey sleeves so no skin is left exposed to the elements.

Temperature Range 40 - 61°F

Diluvio Gloves


Shoe Covers:

Narcisista Shoe coverNarcisista 2 Shoe Cover:

Cold toes really put an end to any fun you’re having on a ride, so keeping your feet protected from the elements is important. The Narcisista 2 Shoe Covers provide Castelli’s top-end protection with full wind protection and an extremely high level of water resistance.

Gore Windstopper X-Fast fleece-backed fabric keeps the wind out and the heat in while the high-stretch neoprene flex zone at the ankle means that your pedal stroke is not affected by the slim fit of the shoe cover.

Waterproof zippers with a reflective finish maintain visibility and easy on-and-off. On the underside, high-durability material stands up to the harsh conditions of winter.

Temperature range: 32 - 57°F 

Belgian BootieBelgian Bootie 5:

An oldie but a goodie; the Belgian Bootie 5 is your everyday shoe cover when the temperature drops down below 70. Lightweight, breathable and easy to take on and off, the Belgian Bootie has a heavyweight polypropylene construction. Speaking from a place of European foul-weather experience, one normally puts the Belgian Bootie on in October and leaves them on through to mid-March.

Temperature range: 50 - 68°F


Come down and try on any of these items at Folsom Bike.


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